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At 24 Hour Insurance Services, we put our focus on getting you the most affordable insurance policy that fits your needs and, most importantly, your budget. We also understand everyone has a busy schedule. That’s why our fast response to calls and emails is the talk of the industry. Our insurance experts are highly knowledgeable and skilled in quickly finding you the lowest rates.

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Customer Reviews

“...They were 100% honest in telling me where to get my insurance and were so honest in fact that they ended up referring me to another company who could get me lower rates...They specialize in drivers with DUI's or lots of accidents (both of which I have none) so they helped me locate the lowest insurance rate possible and it ended up being with a company outside their network so they made sure I was set up and then said I didn't even owe anything...”

Conner J.Yelp ✮✮✮✮✮

“After contacting pretty much every company out there I heard about 24hr insurance services so I called them up. Ed the agent that was helping me went over and beyond to make sure I get the best rate out there. I'm really happy with the rates he got me and would def recommend them!”

Sina O.Yelp ✮✮✮✮✮

“Honestly, i called these guys for my auto insurance after getting some crazy numbers from other companies. This guy name Sam got me a new policy in less than 15 minutes and after that I've tried contacting him via email and hes responded to me right away everytime. I even called last week and added my mom to my policy with her new car with only an extra $30 a month! Highly recommend these guys.”

Jason T.Yelp ✮✮✮✮✮

“I heard about 24 hour insurance services from my friend who knows the owners, I had few tickets on my record so I didn't think a newer company was able to find me better rates than what I already had because I already spent ton of time shopping around. I gave them a shot and sure enough not only they got me a rate $73 a month less than what I was paying, they even gave me tips on calling them back few months from then to get me an even better rate as one of my tickets was falling off of my record so I will be doing that for sure!! I would've never known that if they didn't tell me. I also love the fact that I called them after normal business hours and someone was able to help me right away. Over all a very pleasant experience.”

Jenan G.Yelp ✮✮✮✮✮